Feb 12, 2009


The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan was established in 1950 by the governments of Pakistan and the United States. USEFP is guided by a binational commission composed of an equal number of Pakistanis and Americans, the Chairman alternating each year between a Pakistani and an American.USEFP is one of 51 "Fulbright Commissions" located throughout the world. Since 1951 when the first group of Pakistani grantees traveled to America, and 1952 when the first American grantees visited Pakistan, the Foundation has fostered mutual understanding between the people of Pakistan and the United States through educational and cultural exchange. It is estimated that over 1000 Pakistanis have already had the opportunity to participate in this Program.The Foundation receives support and counsel from both the Pakistan and U.S. governments, but it is not an agency of either. The Foundation supervises a variety of programs that send Pakistani scholars to American campuses while bringing American scholars to universities in Pakistan. The goal of all our programs is to help Pakistanis learn more about the U.S. and to help Americans learn more about Pakistan and its people.People selected for any of our programs not only represent the cream of Pakistan's academic community, they also serve as ambassadors for Pakistan itself. When Fulbright scholars go to the U.S. they are expected to meet a wide variety of Americans and to talk with them about Pakistan. They are also expected to learn about the American people-their hopes, their dreams, their joys, their fears, and how they see critical issues in the world as well as in ordinary life. We hope that Fulbright grantees take time to experience and enjoy normal American life, American holidays, traditions, and outings with American families. We would like them to learn about American law, politics, customs and religious traditions as they are lived by real people. When Fulbright grantees return to Pakistan, they should be able to share what they have learned and experienced with colleagues, students, friends and family.It is important to emphasize that while a Fulbright experience will be an important academic opportunity for each individual selected, it is also intended to be an opportunity for individuals to represent Pakistan in the U.S. and to share what they have learned in the U.S. on their return.The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan is a bi-national commission dedicated to improving mutual understanding of the people of Pakistan and the people of the United States of America through educational exchange opportunities. The Foundation's programs focus on higher educational experiences in the U.S. and Pakistan. USEFP uses a merit based process to recruit and select grantees. Since the conception of United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan in 1951, the Foundation has sent approximately 1465 Pakistani Grantees under various program to the U.S and 821 U.S Grantees have come to Pakistan.
Phone : +92-51-2877075 , 2877076Fax : +92-51-2877095email : info@usefpakistan.org
Detailed information can be had from by visiting the website: http://www.usefpakistan.org

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