Feb 27, 2009

Shahbaz still CM, claims Nawaz

Directs him to restart work in Punjab Assembly By Imran MaqboolSHEIKHUPURA: PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said he did not accept the PCO judges’ disqualification verdict, calling it unjustified, unlawful and unconstitutional.Addressing a big public gathering at the Company Bagh here, he said Shahbaz Sharif was still the chief minister of the Punjab and he had asked him to go to the Punjab Assembly and start his official working.“Before coming to Sheikhupura, I directed Shahbaz Sharif to sit in the Punjab Assembly as people do not agree with the verdict given by the Supreme Court. Today’s gathering is a referendum against the Supreme Court’s verdict,” he said.He said all the actions of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer were against the spirit of the Constitution. He called upon the bureaucracy not to follow and execute the orders issued by the governor.“I love the officers and administration of the Punjab. I ask them not to be an obstacle in the way of MPAs and Shahbaz Sharif. If the federal government takes action against them and they are suspended from service for not executing orders, the PML N will restore and reward them,” Nawaz said.He said the apex court verdict had been rejected by the people. He said Asif Zardari should notice the people’s verdict and act wisely. He said the ‘ineligible courts’ could not declare the Sharif brothers ineligible.“The same courts also awarded me 10 years exile at the behest of a dictator but see where this verdict is as I am here in Pakistan before the expiry of the deal,” he added. Had Benazir Bhutto been alive, Nawaz said, the situation would have been different. He said President Zardari had completely deviated from the principles of Benazir Bhutto and the PPP.He said Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was an honest and a brave person whom the president did not take into confidence. He said President Zardari had deceived them and was taking each and every step at the behest of America.During the address, a constable rushed to the stage and placed his official cap and belt before Nawaz Sharif, saying he was going to resign in protest against the apex court’s verdict and governor’s rule in the Punjab.Nawaz appreciated the sentiments of the constable and asked him to continue his duty without fear. He also kissed the constable’s forehead, which the latter reciprocated. It was learnt that the constable was later taken into custody by the police.

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