Feb 25, 2009

Rumpus at Provincial Assembly as members brawl with police

The clashes between PML-N members Punjab Assembly and police underway in front of assembly building as police officials started members taken into custody.Heavy police contingents have been deployed outside Punjab Assembly and members have been barred to attend the session.According to reports, main gate of Punjab Assembly has been closed. PML-N members have tried to crush the gate of the assembly after which barriers have been placed at the entry and exit routes. Police have also tortured the women members of PML-N and large numbers of women police contingents were also present to arrest the women assembly members.The clashes between PML-N members and police underway till the last reports came in.The session of assembly had been called on the requisition of PML-N. Spokesman of Governor Punjab said only governor would summon the session after imposition of governor rule, therefore, Punjab assembly’s session is unconstitutional and illegal.

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