Feb 26, 2009

Sharifs’ departure has weakened democracy: Gilani

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday said democracy has been weakened by the disqualification of the Sharif brothers.
'The Pakistan People's Party's objective has been reconciliation and we had been moving toward it. It was only to take that forward that I had met with Shahbaz Sharif recently.'
'As far as governor rule is concerned, we have only followed constitutional obligations in that regard. Imposition of governor rule was a necessity and I advised in favour of it,' the Prime Minister told reporters at the Health Ministry.
'I spoke to Shahbaz harif shortly after the Supreme Court's decision and conveyed my concern to him.'
'It is very important that people refrain from predicting future scenarios and wait and see. And, although the Supreme Court's decision is unfortunate for the prospects of democracy, people should accept it,' Gilani said.
'As far as case review is concerned, we cannot rule it out...Pakistan People's Party will support any bill introduced in the parliament by the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz in this regard.'

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