Feb 20, 2009

The new oil game and Pakistan

President Bush is no more in office but the plans hatched by the neocon cabal under his administration to ensure American political, economic and military hegemony in strategic parts of the world, especially in and around the Muslim countries, are still in place and being worked from behind the scenes by America' permanent establishment.It is now crystal clear that the invasion of Iraq was not about WMDs but to control a strategic part of the Middle East and its enormous oil resources. Similarly the 9/11 disaster had little to do with Osama bin Laden and more with the control of Afghanistan which lies astride a critical swathe of territory around which lie buried billions of barrels of oil in central Asia. the Middle East and south western Pakistan. Oil is the name of the game. There is evidence to prove that all the major and mini wars that the US is waging in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places and all its military bases dotting strategic points in western (Another map on Page B-1)and eastern Europe, Africa, central Asia and the Far East are about gaining control of oil resources and oil pipelines being planned across various continents. The neocon strategists have two-fold objectives. The first objective is to take control of all major oilfields so that oil keeps flowing smoothly to the United States and its allies, specially Israel. The second concomitant objective is to deny oil to all rival powers such as China, Russia and other states which they don't consider 'friendly' enough.The accompanying map exposes the game plan of the neocons. Its codename is Operation Enduring Turmoil. It shows they plan to have total control of the world's oil economy in the coming decades. Some parts of the plan have already been implemented while new moves are on to operationalise the rest of it..Under the Project for the New American Century Iraq has already been occupied and all American oil giants have been given a free hand to exploit its rich oil resources. As for the Central Asian oil reserves the neocons have made some clever moves to install puppet or 'friendly' regimes in the region. These include the establishment of a pliant regime in Georgia under the rose resolution and in Kyrgystan under the tulip revolution.During the lead up to 9/11 project Yossi Maiman . Israeli mossad operative controlled Turkemenistan's energy and was the lead agitator for the construction of tran-Caspian pipeline to Azerbaijan. In fact, Enron did a preliminary survey for the trans-Caspian and Afghan pipeline.Till September 2001 Israeli Russians in league with the PNCA were in control of Russian oil, gas and pipelines. But when Putin banished the Israeli Russian media oligarch Gusinsky, who fled to Israel, plans changed Following this all projected oil companies' investments in Russia were scrapped. As a countermeasure, in order to block Russian access to the European markets a string of colour revolutions were engineered, as mentioned above.The most horrendous part of the PNAC's world oil domination plan relates to Pakistan, especially Balochistan, Balochistan and the strait of Hormuz. What is happening in NWFP and Balochistan right now is revealing: it is to create a situation in which the two provinces will be chopped off to put the finishing touches to the neocon plan. Northetrn Pakistan is to be given to Afghanistan thus eliminating Pakistan' border with China and the possibility of a pipeline to China via Pakistan.For Balochistan the nefarious design is to form a new country under neocon tutelage which will lead to an end to the Chinese presence in Gwadar and deny its access to the Gulf and a shorter route to Africa. A free Balochistan will also give total control to the neocons over th strategic Strait of Hormuz.As neocons plan it nuclear Pakistan will be cut to size and consist only of Punjab and Sindh. How will this be brought about? In this contest the long threatened invasion of Iran holds ominous significance. In neocons' reckoning a war with Iran will not only result in the destruction of Teheran's nuclear capability but create an incendiary situation in which it will be possible to redraw the map of the region.

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