Feb 21, 2009

Meera: Return of She

AFTER a disastrous debut in Bollywood with 'Nazar' and 'Kasak', Pakistani actress Meera's career was as good as wiped out. But destiny once again is smiling upon her with a new film entitled 'Simran', touted to be based on the life story of Aishwarya Rai who weds on the 19th of this month – April. Well, Bollywood's doors are open to anyone across the globe who wishes to come and try their luck here, said Stars appearing in multiple movies – being pictured at the hub of the Indian film industry in Mumbai. The only criterion is that they should have luck on their side and should be strong enough to withstand the stiff competition from the acknowledged and well accepted super-stars, occupying the horizons of Bollywood – only due to their intellect and caliber – backed by kismet – other way round phrased as fortune or luck of par excellence. When contacted Meera – one of the most popular film star of Lollywood – said; “Yes, I am ready to face any challenge.” “I shall prove my worth and come-back to Bollywood purely on merit”, she vowed by adding; “As a matter of fact; it has already been acknowledged by the directors and my colleagues – with whom I performed – in previous pictures.” She also asserted that comprehensive steps are required to be taken – both on individual and collective basis – to promote film industry in Pakistan, which Meera viewed; “has a lot of potentials to flourish.” I am sure that despite introduction of manifold television channels in Pakistan – the significance of the movies stays intact as there are still many people both urban and rural areas – who would love to see movies on silver screen as compared to the mini one, she remarked. Meera is often referred to as the Madhuri Dixit of Pakistan. She began her acting career at the age of 14 in 1996 with a movie named Chief Saab, which was directed by Javed Sheikh. Among Meera’s major Pakistani hits are films like Inteha, Khoye Ho Tum Kahaan and Khilona. Before her Bollywood debut, Meera had the experience of working in as many as 60 Pakistani films. She was recently nominated as the best actress in Pakistan’s Lux awards for her last release is ‘Commando’. By the way, she has already bagged four awards for best actress in the last few years. Meera frankly admits that she wished to work at Bollywood. Her dream of playing and performing at Bollywood film, eventually surfaced. The dream was realized when she was offered her first Bollywood film by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt at Kara Film Festival in Karachi. The film Nazar was produced together by Sohail Khan of Pakistan and Vishesh films by Mukesh Bhatt from India. Besides this, Meera has also been working in a number of films in Pakistan -- Khule Aasmaan Ke Neeche, Imaan, Ek Gunah Aur, Dooriyan, Sohni Mahiwal and Anarkali. Meera says she wants to do good work with big banners like Yash Chopra and Karan Johar. She also has plans for producing films in future, but she says she will learn the ropes of the industry from a skilful -- first.

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