Feb 18, 2009


Kashmir is bleeding and running out of blood, and it doesn't seem far when the life will cease to exist in the valley. Kashmir has been turned into the biggest prison around the world, with people being fired upon ruthlessly, only to kill by the India Forces. It's a shame on Indian State, which calls itself the biggest Democracy and a Secular state, and factually is turning Kashmir into a slaughter house. People are not allowed to move out of their houses, even if they are dying for medication.
I request every reader of this E-mail, to take it upon him as a moral duty to pass on the message of what's happening in Kashmir valley. And try to persuade the International community to help Kashmiri's, in this time of distress or be ready to see a complete genocide of Kashmiri's through various means.
Few of the things which I would like to bring into your notice are
1. Markets in Kashmir have run out of essentials commodities such as Milk, Bread, Vegetables and Rice. While the government claims of having enough stock, the cases of starvation have come up.
2. Baby food is also not available in the markets.
3. Hospitals have run out of medical stocks such as Cotton, Bandages and Life saving drugs. Not even the drugs like Paracetamol are available.
4. Patients and their attendants have been locked up in hospitals without food and other essentials. Even though the government claims otherwise.
5. More than 100 people have been killed in past few weeks. And injured are in thousands with most of them critically hurt with bullet shots.
6. The local electronic media has been dumped by the state authorities for bridging the communication gap between people of this state. Which helped them suffocate Kashmiri's a Little more.
7. The SMS service has been barred for at least a month now. Reasons still unknown.
8. The Newspapers no more hit the stands, while Local Newspaper offices have been locked in Kashmir for the obvious reasons that local journalists are not allowed to move even with curfew passes. Many of them were beaten to pulp and are admitted in various hospitals.
9. For Indian media, two bronze medals are worth more than people of Kashmir in totality. Not even the tickers run when less than ten people are killed.
It's the fourth Consecutive day of curfew in the state and people have run out of the supply of essential commodities. The two hour deal today left people more distressed with grocery stores running out of stocks. And people running back home empty hand, while the CRPF was whistling all through the time to create panic. Many in Kashmir for past few have been sleeping empty stomach, not because they don't have money but because they are an occupied nation. And have to suffer at the hands of Oppressor.
It seems if the international agencies do not come to rescue, people of Kashmir might succumb to starvation, leading to genocide which Indian state has been engaging itself, with for past 61 years now. I humbly request every one, Kashmiri or a Non-Kashmiri to do whatever is under his/her control to help people of Kashmir, through whatever way they can.

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