Feb 20, 2009

China can rescue Pakistan from US clutches

JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that Pakistan is trapped in the tight grip of US where Islamabad is not allowed to independently deal with its internal affairs. Addressing a large gathering of party leaders and workers in Mansoorah after returning from a one-week visit to China, he said the US and West were enraged over a peace deal in Swat and enforcement of Islamic justice system in Malakand saying that it would provide a shelter to extremists. Veteran JI leader Mian Tuffail Mohammad, Naib Ameer Chaudhry Aslam Salimi, Liaquat Baloch, Hafiz Idris, Secretary general Syed Munawar Hasan, Director Foreign Affairs Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, Malik Mohammad Ashraf and Mian Maqsood were also present on the occasion.Qazi Hussain Ahmad said Pakistan badly needed to restore peace, save people from being killed in army operation and restore their means to earn livelihoods. He said any power, which opposed establishment of peace in NWFP was the enemy of Pakistan and Islamabad must tell Washington to stay away from our internal affairs. He said Pakistan also needed sincere friends to get rid of the US clutches and China was the only answer to this problem since Beijing had always supported Pakistan in every difficulty and its friendship was time-tested. He said Washington had waged a war against all Muslim movements in the world and the troika of US, Israel and India was hatching conspiracies against Pakistan. US have also set a trap for China in the region and under these circumstances both Pakistan and China need each other.He said China’s ruling Communist Party invited JI in its capacity of the representative of the mainstream global Islamic movements to forge sincere mutual relationship keeping in view the principles of equality, non-interference and respect of mutual independence. Qazi said China was the largest country of the world with 1.4 billion population and it was our duty to convey message of Allah and guidance of Holy Prophet (SAW) to them for which we needed to have complete confidence with each other. He said JI respected China’s independence and geographical unity as China has always backed Pakistan in UNSC and it was not an American stooge since it has its sovereign economic status and has also built Pakistan’s Grader port. He said China was already working with Pakistan Air Force to build combat planes as alternatives of F-16s. He said China had to be assured that bilateral friendly relations would not be affected if JI came to power, adding that JI could prove to be a more dependable friend since it was not under control of any foreign power.

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