Mar 2, 2009

Only dialogue to bring peace in Pak-Afghan region: Musharraf

A troop surge will not solve the issue in Afghanistan and the US will have to initiate dialogue to achieve peace there, former President Pervez Musharraf said during an interview with BBC Urdu on Sunday.
He said while the international community criticised him for negotiating with the Taliban in Pakistan's tribal areas, now the US would have to sign similar pacts with Afghan chieftains.
These accords were the only solution to extremism, he said, even if they did not achieve the exact objective.
He also criticised the previous US government for claiming to spend $10 billion on Pakistan and not revealing as to how the aid was actually spent.
'Half of this money had already been spent by Pakistan during the war against terrorism to provide the US with facilities, whereas the rest was spent on the army's and health and education,' he said.
Regarding America's role in reducing Pak-India tension, he said issues can be effectively resolved if America's policy is based on fair treatment of the two states.

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