Mar 3, 2009

Kashmir: genesis of regional insurgency

After its failure to cope with the Al-Qaeda-related Taliban in Afghanistan through power factor in order to tackle the issue of terrorism in South Asian, US new strategy of War On Terror is still under review due to American confused goals. However, main theme of the strategy has been disclosed by the US high officials who have excluded the solution of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) which is, in fact, the genesis of regional insurgency.The new US President Obama while recognising co-relationship between War On Terror in Afghanistan and issue of Kashmir had repeatedly said that he would pay attention to resolve the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India so that Islamabad could fully concentrate on the rising militancy. On the other hand, US special envoy Richard Holbrooke who recently visited Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, while emphasising regional stability, confirmed on February 20 that Kashmir was not part of his mission, but hoped India and Pakistan would find a common cause to reduce the threat of terrorism. Obama's Uturn has indicated open deviation from his pragmatic approach in the region. In fact, India which has already been manipulating America's War in securing its covert designs against Pakistan and other regional states by strengthening its strategic grip in Afghanistan has succeeded in diverting the attention of the US from Kashmir.

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