Apr 8, 2010


Shoaib thanks nation for support

KARACHI: Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Shoaib Malik has expressed gratitude for nation and media for supporting him.

In a statement, Shoaib said he is thankful to God and Pakistani nation who extended full support during his tough times. He said God knows everything and said he will personally thank the media friends as soon as he reach back home.

“ I apologize if anyone feels hurt as far as my decision is concerned,” Shoaib added.

On the other hand, Indian police said investigations are on as the case against Shoaib Malik has not been abolished.

Shoaib-Ayesha divorce paper surfaces

HYDERABAD DECCAN: The much anticipated divorce paper of Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian lady Ayesha Siddiqi has surfaced on Wednesday night, Geo news reported.

According to sources, Shoaib and Ayesha signed their divorce paper separately.

Talking to media after being divorced, Ayesha Siddiqi said she was feeling much sigh of relief after receiving divorce from Shoaib Malik, refusing to discuss the matter any further.

“I want to restart my life from a new beginning.” she said adding, “Now, I will concentrate on my health.”

She wished to watch Shahid Kapoor’s movie ‘Badmuash’.

Ayesha could not sleep for many nights due to her marriage controversy, Indian media reported.

Shoaib and Ayesha did not meet each other even on the day of their divorce, media reported further.

Siddiquis, Maliks reach deal; Shoaib signs divorce

NEW DELHI: The ordeal of families of Ayesha Siddiqui and Shoaib Malik came to an end when both the families reached a compromise late on Tuesday night with the divorce paper signed by Shoaib Malik handed to Siddiquis.

According to the deal, Ayesha Siddiqui, the first wife of Shoaib Malik withdrew the FIR filed against him, whereas, Shoaib has signed the divorce paper.

No money was exchanged when deal was signed.

A number of Muslim community leaders brokered the deal between the two sides, negotiations for which started last night and concluded this morning. Abid Rasool Khan, a Congress leader and also a common friend to both the families, said many Muslim leaders were involved in working out the compromise.

Addressing the media, Abid Rasool Khan said, "The community especially elders were upset at the muck throwing, the allegations and counter allegations, the inconsistencies in the statements. Things were going bad to worse; there was a lot of pressure from community on both families that this should not be done this way. That is why we got involved. We negotiated whole of last night and by the grace of Allah have managed to hammer out an honourable solution for both parties. We have not taken any sides. The matter has been resolved peacefully."

He added, "There has been no money involved except the nominal amount required to be given to Ayesha for maintenance at the rate of 5,000 per month for 3 months, as per Islamic Law."

"There was too much ugliness in the past two months, which has been affecting both the countries. We pressurized both Shoaib and Maha to settle down the issue, and they still stand by what they have been telling. However, seeing the larger interest of the community, they agreed to sign on the divorce paper. No one has won and no one has lost in this case. Everyone should now think about the marriage and forget all the ugliness," added other Muslim leaders present at the press conference.

Ayesha's mother, who was present at the press conference expressed relief and said that her daughter has received justice ultimately and is happy. She added, "My daughter wanted a divorce without money and that has happened. Malik has come clean and I am very happy and relieved that finally he gave a divorce and my daughter is released. The charges on him have been withdrawn. The complaint application has been withdrawn."

Meanwhile, Dr Shams Babar, a close family friend of the Siddiquis earlier confirmed the divorce saying the Siddiquis were dropping criminal charges against the beleaguered cricketer. "A compromise has taken place. The divorce papers have been signed by Shoaib. The FIR against him will be dropped," stated Babar adding the divorce was made official this morning.

Dr Babar's daughter Sadiqua, a close friend of Ayesha, added that her friend was happy and relieved that a settlement had been reached and the matter had ended. She also said the negotiations were conducted on behalf of Shoaib and Ayesha by their relatives and that there was no exchange of money involved. "There was only the clearing of the name involved. It was good on Shoaib's part to come forth and settle this matter," said Sadiqua adding she wished both Shoaib and Ayesha good luck for their respective futures.

Malik's change of heart reportedly took place last evening in Hyderabad, after Shoaib Malik's brother-in-law Imran Zafar came down to India to meet with the lawyers of both the families. The Mirza family meanwhile could also have pressured Malik into clearing his name so that his nuptials with Sania could take place as planned.

Shoaib divorces Ayesha, claims Siddiqui family

NEW DELHI: Shoaib-Ayesha controversy took the ugliest turn ever, when a close friend of Siddiqui family claimed that Pakistani cricketer and former captain Shoaib Malik sent divorce to his alleged first wife Ayesha Siddiqui, Geo News reported Wednesday.

Meantime, Ayesha Siddiqui's counsel in Pakistan Barrister Farooq Hasan also confirmed the divorce from Shoaib.

According to an Indian news channel, Shoaib's counsel went to Siddiqui's home and handed them the document of divorce.

Ramesh Gupta, the lawyer for Malik, said Malik would marry Sania after divorcing the Hyderabad girl.

Earlier Gupta said an amicable agreement is being worked out between the Siddiqui and Mirza families. Ayesha's father will hold a press conference at 3 PM today to clear the air.

The developments mean that Shoaib will finally have to accept his lie and come out clean about Ayesha being his legal wife. A number of influential Hyderabadi families have been reported to have mediated the truce.

Shoaib's family members leave Sialkot for Lahore

SIALKOT: At least seven members of Pakistan's former Cricket team captain Shoaib Malik's family left for Lahore to leave for India, Geo News reported Wednesday.

Shoaib's family including his mother, a brother, two sisters and their two children set out at 845am today from Sialkot to Lahore.

According to Shoaib's brother Ali Malik, they will land in India today via Delhi flight from Lahore.

It should be noted that Shoaib's family not only avoided talking to media but also they tried to escape away from the media.

Sania, Shoaib already married in Dubai: reports

HYDERABAD: Speculations are rife that the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and the Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza tied the knot in Dubai before Shoaib landed in India a week ago.

Since Malik is staying at Sania's house in Hyderabad, it has been assumed that the Taj Krishna hotel has been booked not for the Nikah, but for a reception, scheduled to take place on April 15.

Sania's wedding card, which has only the reception date, has also added fuel to the fire in the case. The news came at a time when several people claimed that the date of marriage would be postponed.

Local community members, however, have suggested that Shoaib Malik's staying at the tennis ace's house prior to the wedding and Sania's sticking to the cricketer despite all the allegations, prove the fact that they are already married.

‘‘It is impractical to assume that the Mirzas and the Maliks did not expect trouble after making this announcement of an Indo-Pak marriage that too with a Pakistani national who had a Hyderabad connection. It is very likely that they possibly got married before going public with their wedding announcement,'' said a person close to the Mirza family.

Sania will be Shoaib's first wife, says Imran

NEW DELHI: Shoaib Malik's brother-in-law Imran Zafar Malik maintained Tuesday that no nikah had ever happened between Pakistani cricketer and Indian girl Ayesha Siddiqi.

He was speaking to a battery of media persons along with Shoaib's counsel Ramesh Gupta after arriving in New Delhi.

The legal procedures of the alleged ‘nikah' were not carried out, he said, adding that how could it be done without the identification of the girl.

Malik said nobody else had the ‘nikahnama' except Siddiqi family while it was also not registered in Pakistan.

To a question, he said that he had twice visited Indian city of Hyderabad Deccan, where Ayesha had introduced herself as Maha.

She told me that Ayesha had to leave for Saudi Arabia on a sudden visit. Had I met the girl at that time, this situation could have been prevented, he remarked.

Answering a question, he said: "We have complete confidence in Indian law."

Speaking on this occasion, Shoaib counsel Ramesh Gupta ruled out the possibility of arrest of Pakistani cricketer.

Firdous Awan backs Shoaib-Sania wedding

ISLAMABAD: The MNA hailing from Sialkot Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said Pak Cricketer Shoaib Malik would not be left alone and his marriage with India's top tennis star Sania Mirza would be celebrated across the country, Geo News reported Tuesday.

Addressing a press conference here, she said Shoaib is a voter from her constituency and she has close relation with his family.

The federal minister backed the Shoaib-Sania wedding and said Malik would not be left alone on this occasion, adding Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has been contacted in this connection.

Firdous said the media trial of the wedding of Shoaib and Sania is in progress, adding the media should not concentrate only on one aspect in matter relating with Ayesha Siddiqui, claiming to be the wife of Malik.

"I will give Population Control Kit to Shoaib and Sania from my ministry," the federal population minister added.

Nobody can stop Shoaib's marriage with Sania: legal experts

HYDERABAD: Legal experts say that Shoaib Malik's marriage with Sania Mirza is their personal matter and nobody can stop them from this wedding.

The experts' stance in this regard is that if this is Shoaib's second marriage then also the Shoaib-Sania wedding cannot be stopped under Indian law.

Meanwhile, an Indian Tv said that the date of the wedding will be finalized after Shoaib's family arrives in India.

On the other hand, Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) asked Sania to reconsider her decision to marry Shoaib.

BJP vice-president BJP Kulraj said that Sania Mirza is recognized in India and she should think again on her marrying Shoaib.

Shoaib, Sania while away time with ice cream outing

HYDERABAD: Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza gone for outing and ate ice cream on Monday evening to release the tension surrounded them due to the controversy of Shoaib's alleged first marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui.

The two along with Sania's family went for a drive in the city and enjoyed ice cream in an effort to release the tension that encircled them.

Sania, clearly up set on the controversy, said she would continue supporting Shoaib. She said the marriage will be held as per scheduled.

On the other hand, Shoaib said he was in India not only to marry Sania Mirza, but also to clear his name from the controversy surrounding his alleged first marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui.

Shoaib's in-law seeks Allah's help in Sania-Aysha rift

LAHORE: Cricketer Shoaib Malik's in-law, Mr. Imran Zafar Malik has appealed to nation for seeking Allah's help for his brother-in-law in his apparent crossfire against Aysha Siddiqui's family, saying, "People should pray Allah to give Shoaib respect, if he is truthful.", Geo news reported.

Before his departure to India, Imran Zafar, in his brief conversation with media at Lahore airport, said God will help Shoaib if he is not guilty.

He is also scheduled to hold meetings with Shoaib's attorney to assist him in judicial proceedings of case besides, finalization of marriage preparations.

Sania vows to support Shoaib in row against Ayesha

HYDERABAD DECCAN: Cricketer Shoaib Malik has accused Siddiquis of attaining easy fame, saying there is no need of divorce if no marriage happens and neither is needed apology, Geo news reported.

Meanwhile, Sania Mirza said she and her family know the truth and are in full support to Shoaib Malik.

Talking to media in Indian city of Hyderabad Deccan, Pakistan cricket star Shoaib Malik said, "If she is truthful so where is she and why she is making statements behind the camera". "Why does not she come in front of camera to answer to media questions?" he questioned.

I am here and not going to leave India, am ready to face court, he maintained.

It may be mentioned that Indian police have seized his passport, which may likely be returned today in the evening, sources said.

Responding to news in media, Shoaib ruled out allegations of agreements involving money, being leveled by Siddiquis.

We are all set to marry on April 15, he vowed adding that if the wedding gets postponed of delayed, media will promptly be informed.

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